How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready For Preschool?


Although we accept children as young as 30 months, every child is different and some children simply aren’t ready for preschool until they are a little older.

Children who have begun showing signs of being independent—who have demonstrated they can handle certain responsibilities, such as eating lunch without help and washing their hands after using the toilet—are good candidates for preschool. Other things to consider are your child’s readiness to play with other children and her physical stamina. If she still needs two naps a day, you may want to hold off on enrolling her in preschool until she is down to one. But if she is okay following a predictable routine and loves to work on projects on her own (like colouring or playing with playdoh), now is a great time to introduce her to preschool.

Whether or not your child has spent time away from you isn’t usually an indicator of her readiness for preschool. It’s true that children who have attended daycare or been cared for in the past by a babysitter or relative usually think nothing of being dropped off at preschool—but not always. And many children who have never been away from their parents find the transition to preschool more challenging, but some have no problem adjusting at all. The important thing to remember is that hundreds of children have come through our doors over the years, so we have plenty of experience dealing with separation anxiety. We’ll work with you to ensure your child’s separation issues are handled in a caring and supportive way. Eventually, she will get used to the routine and come to see preschool as a fun place to spend time with friends.



Can My Son Attend Preschool If He Is Not Toilet Trained?


Ideally, we prefer children to be fully toilet trained before starting preschool. Under Ministry guidelines, children who are still using diapers are not eligible to attend. At a minimum, we require children to be mostly toilet trained, which means they are in the late stages of toilet training (but can still be using disposable training pants, such as “Pull Ups”).


What Is a Duty Day?


A Duty Day is your assigned day to volunteer as a classroom helper (or Duty Parent). Every family is assigned at least one Duty Day per month. If you aren’t able to volunteer yourself, you can ask a friend or family member do it for you. Families who volunteer in the classroom are eligible for a tuition discount.

In 2016, the Ministry of Education changed its policy regarding classroom volunteers, making it a requirement that every person volunteering in a preschool classroom has a valid CPR/First Aid Certificate in addition to a Police Clearance Certificate. If you will be doing Duty Days yourself or arranging for someone else to do it, please keep this in mind. You will have to produce your CPR/First Aid Certificate so that we can make a copy of it to keep in our files.



What If I Already Have a Police Clearance Certificate?


If you have already received a police clearance within the last 2 years, you do not need to repeat the process. You will have to produce the police clearance so that we can make a copy of it to keep in our files.


Does The Preschool Offer Financial Assistance?


The preschool itself does not have the resources to offer financial assistance, but you can apply for a licensed child care subsidy through the Region of Niagara using this link. If your application is successful, the subsidized amount will be transferred to us automatically each month. Please note subsidies are provided at the Region’s discretion; we are not involved in the process.